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Sample FAB Sheet

The FAB Sheet is an excellent tool to use in the closing of the interviewing process. The best time to present the FAB Sheet is in the final interview phase. This should be presented at the final interview and given near the end of your last interview to the decision-maker.

Presenting the FAB Sheet at this time is sending a strong message to the interviewer that you have made an extra effort to show them your interest and value to them. This leaves a very positive impression and an extra boost when making decisions on who the company should hire. This is a very effective tool!

This tool is most effective when used at mid-level to top management positions.

Please feel free to use the sample FAB sheet below: GOOD LUCK!

FAB Sheet
for John Doe

June 4, 2000

(Facts, Responsibilities, Duties)
(What was accomplished, and how was it accomplished?
Benefits to Employer
(Saved x amount of time/money, penetrated a new market...)
    ACME Company
  • Developed the system specification document for the ERP Implementation project.

  • Completed the specifications on time and within budget. Client accepted the specifications.

  • Cut down total processing time from 5 days to 2 days. Improved quality by reducing project rejects from 5% to 1%. Increased per unit profit by %15.
Company #2

Company #3

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